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Cars 6 (a.k.a. Cars 6: Anita's Big Race) is an upcoming film, released in 2028.


Anita Gearsley, Maxi, Cici, Drifter and Tin Top join Lightning McQueen in the World Grand Prix.


Owen Wilson as Lightning McQueen, a World Grand Prix champion from the USA with blue eyes

Maria Darling as Anita Gearsley, a British single-seater racing car from the UK with green eyes

  • Maria also played the voice of Cici, a stunt car from France.

John Turturro as Francesco Bernoulli, an Italian Formula 1 racing car from Italy with amber brown eyes

Aimee Carrero as Elena Bernoulli , an Italian red , white and green racing car from Italy with amber brown eyes

Edie McClurg as Namitha Shah Kapoor , an Indian purple race car from India with brown eyes

  • John also performed Maxi's voice, since he is an Italian Formula 1 racing car from Italy aswell.

Erik Passoja as Shu Todoroki, a drift car from Japan with dark brown eyes

  • Erik also performed Drifter's voice, since he is another race car from Japan aswell. He is based on a hot-hatch production street-car.

Keith Ferguson as Tin Top, a rough, tough Stock Car Saloon from the USA.

Keith Wickham as Sir Topham Hatt (The Fat Controller)

Larry the Cable Guy as Mater, a rusty ol' tow truck and a friend of Lightning.

Bruno Ganz as Steve Jonson

Rob Rackstraw as Conrod, a hot rod from Australia and a recurring character who joins the World Grand Prix in the end.

Michael Caine as Finn McMissile, a British veteran spy car and Mater's friend.

John Hasler as Thomas, a blue tank engine.

Nolan North as Poli, a blue-and-white robotic police car.

Michael Wallis as Sheriff, a black-and-white police car.

Emma Tate as Chuki, a little pink car.

Jossara Jinaro as Carla Veloso, a green-and-blue Brazillian racing car. with brown eyes

Jerome Dalton

James Rankin

Michael J. Fox as Nigel Gearsley, a British racing car with light brown eyes

Keith Wickham as Percy, a green tank engine.

Cristela Alonzo as Cruz Ramirez, a young yellow Hispanic racing car with dark brown eyes

Sonya Leite as Rip Clutchgoneski, an open-wheeled racer from the Republic of New Rearendia with green eyes

David Holt as Miguel Camino, a yellow-black-and-red Spanish racing car with green eyes

Carolyn Lawrence as Sarah, a black-and-orange racing car from Texas with hazel eyes

Idina Menzal as Mary Storm , An American light blue racing car with crystal blue highlights from Los Angeles,USA with grey blue eyes

Armie Hammer as Jackson Storm, an American black racing car with neon blue highlights from Los Angeles, USA with grey blue eyes

Kristen Bell as Wendy Gorvette , an American yellow racing car from Vallejo , California, USA with grey blue eyes

Kate Harbour as The Queen

Marcel McCalla as Spike, a purple-and-green dragon.

Lucy Montgomery as Whizzy, a multi-coloured hot rod.

Claire Corlett as Applejack, an orange apple-bucking' pony.

Ashleigh Ball as Rainbow Dash, a zippy blue racing pony.

Teresa Gallagher as Rarity, a white jewel-loving pony who will try her best to help her friends.

Emma Tate as Twilight Sparkle, a purple racing pony who loves to help with magic.

Andrea Libman as Fluttershy, a yellow kind, but shy pony.

  • Andrea also voiced Pinkie Pie, a joyful pink pony who loves nothing more than...racing.

Terry Mynott

Bonnie Hunt as Sally Carrera, a blue Porsche and the girlfriend of Lightning McQueen with aqua blue eyes

Mark Moraghan as the narrator.

Michael Angelis as the emcee.

Michael Brandon as Mike Jordan

Alec Baldwin as Joe Bryson

Ringo Starr as Charles

Pierce Brosnan as James Bond

Jimmy Hibbert

Emily Mortimer as Holley Shiftwell, a purple spy car and Mater's girlfriend with green eyes

Jo Wyatt as Wilson, a Red Train.

Kyle Stanger as Brewster, a Blue & Yellow Train.

Maria Darling as Koko, a Green, White & Purple Train.

Max Charles as Tayo, a Blue bus.

Atticus Shaffer as Rogi, a Green bus.

Cayden Boyd as Gani, a Red bus.

Eden Riegel as Lani, a Yellow bus.

And more Thomas and friends Chuggington Tayo the little bus my little pony: friendship is magic Robocar Poli and Roary the racing car characters



There's nothing Drifter can't do when he zooms round the bends. He's a cool-lookin' car from the far East.


Some say there isn't many Italian race cars in the World Grand Prix, but they'll say it's true when Maxi shows up. He can be a bit of a show-off and boastful.


You'll be saying "Ooh-la-laa" when you see Cici whizzing and whooshing on the racetrack. This French champion is ready for anything and any adventure!


Everyone knows the plucky little tow truck so well, they say he goes by the name "Mater". He's always ready for a race and he has the attitude to prove it!

Lightning McQueen

Lightning McQueen is a famous celebrity from the US of A. Lightning will be eager to let some of his friends join in his races, and is always up for a competition (even if it involves some in Radiator Springs).

Finn McMissile

Finn is a helpful spy and Mater's friend. He is always ready to help Mater and Holley out during spy missions and will always be counted on.

Carla Veloso

Carla Veloso is the most cutest car in Brazil. Every morning she practises her racing moves and is always ready for a friendly competition.


Rarity is a jewel-loving pony and the love interest of Spike. She's always racing for jewlery, and will do anything to lend a helping hand.


Applejack is a friendly pony who works on a farm in Equestria. Every day she kicks the trees so the apples can fall down.

Twilight Sparkle

Twilight Sparkle used to work in a library somewhere in Equestria, reading about the history of racing. She can sometimes argue with Lightning McQueen, but the two are firm friends.


  • Jossara Jinaro takes over the role from Glenn Close of Carla Veloso.
  • First flim to have human and crossover characters

Idea 2

Cars 6: Truck Attack will be a 2028 film.